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Amber Jewelry Manufacturer and Wholesale - Loose Amber Wholesale

Amber Supply Co. Ltd based in Bangkok Thailand and a manufacturer of unique exlusive designed handcrafted Amber Jewelry.

All our Amber Silver Jewelry is made of sterling silver 925 and authentic Baltic Amber



amber ring


amber ring

NR24 , 3.40 GR, CUT RECTANGLE 10X8

amber ring

NR11 , 2.70 GR, OVAL AMBER 10X8

amber ring

R28,2.50 gr , oval amber 12x8

amber ring
NR32 4.90 gr, round amber 10 mm
Amber Ring
NR31 3.80 gr, amber ball 6 and 7 mm
amber ring
NR30 6.75 gr, pear shape amber 14x10
Amber Ring
NR29 3.40 gr, amber marquize 10x5
amber ring
NR25 5.10 gr , oval amber 14x10
amber ring
NR24 3.40 gr, cut amber 10x8
amber ring
NR23 7.60 gr,amber cashon 14x14.jpg
Amber Ring R22
NR22 8.50 gr,cashon amber 18x13
Amber Ring R21
NR21 5.20 gr,heart shape amber 10 mm

Amber Ring R29
NR20 5.90 gr, oval amber 12x10
Amber Ring R19
NR19 4.65 gr,maquize amber 13x6

Amber Ring R17
NR17 5.10 gr ,amber marquise 8x4, 10x5

Amber Ring R14
NR14 4.70 gr , amber rectangle 10x8

Amber Ring 13
NR13 3.75 gr,amber 6x4 and 4x4

Amber Ring R12
NR12 7.50 gr , oval amber 12x10

Amber Ring R10
NR10 4.80 gr,amber rectangle 14x10

Amber Ring R09
NR09 6.30 gr, oval amber 18x13
Amber Ring R08
NR08 8.15 gr , oval amber 12x10
Amber Ring R07
NR07 5.15 gr,oval amber 14x10
Amber Ring R06
NR06 6.50 gr, oval amber 14x10
Amber Ring R05
NR05 6.20 gr,round amber 10 mm
Amber Ring R04
NR04 8.10 gr,round amber 10 mm
Amber Ring R03
NR03 4.30 gr,marquise amber 12x6
Amber Ring R02
NR02 8.50 gr. oval amber 16X12
Amber Ring R01
NR01 4.40 gr. oval amber 20X10
Amber Supply Co.,Ltd The Palladium World Shopping B1 floor , Shop no 225 , Soi 4 Phetchaburi Road, Pratunam, Ratchathewi Bangkok Tel/Fax +66(0)2-2462845, Mobile : +66(0)81-2525665


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